Letters from Wuppertal

Under the title „Letters from Wuppertal“ a series of short dance films was made in which Wuppertal citizens worked together with professional choreographers, filmmakers and sound experts to create „choreographies for the camera“ and thus tell the story of their city.



Wuppertal – City of Dance and Film

Wuppertal is an internationally recognised city of dance, not least by the work of Pina Bausch, the Tanztheater Wuppertal, and other dance companies. The inhabitants of Wuppertal remain fascinated.

Tanzrauschen together with the Wuppertal community have produced a series of five short dance films that depict Wuppertal with its many treasures and diversity. These stories are told through their eyes and in their performative participation. 

Co-produced by Tanzrauschen (Wuppertal) and Mobile Dance (Berlin)

Artistic Director — Jo Parkes - Mobile Dance
Producer & Project Management — Kerstin Hamburg - Tanzrauschen
Executive Producer — Kim Münster - Treibsand Film
© 2017


Trailer „Letters from Wuppertal“

© 2017 Tanzrauschen & Mobile Dance

Trailer made by Treibsand Film


The five-minute dance films „Letters from Wuppertal“ are based on the one-minute „Postcards from …“ dance film community projects by Jo Parkes, which have already been implemented in London, Berlin and Bremerhaven and have been sending the greetings from their hometowns – danced and digital.

Letters from Wuppertal / Zufluchtshaus

Letters from Wuppertal // Zufluchtshaus

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As early as 1882, the first safe house for young women in Wuppertal was established in the Straßburger Straße. Today it is the vocational college of the Bergische Diakonie offering studies in special and therapeutic education as well as social and health care. The participants explored the history of this house and together with choreographer Foteini Papadopoulou and filmmaker René Jeuckens von Siegersbusch developed their dance film.

Choreography/Staging - Foteini Papadopoulou, Direction/Script - Foteini Papadopoulou & René Jeuckens, Camera - Bernd Mantz, Editing - René Jeuckens, Composition - Katrin Vellrath & Trevor Lee Larson, Drone - Grischa Windus, Assistance - Anja Chisena & Sandy Klein

Dancers - Maria Akramyar, Susanna Brenke, Aline Brocksieper, Pia Diel, Styliani Giannakou, Fabienne Glarmin, Svenja Hildebrand, Natascha Klausing, Julian Kratz, Michelle Mönninghoff, Pia Neugebauer, Julia Quint, Aileen Schulze, Michelle Siemon, Lea Sittnewski, Jaqueline Sternberg, Friederike Vogtländer, Julian Witt, Feyza Yüksekkaya, Kristina Zabel

Project Management – Kerstin Hamburg (Tanzrauschen e.V.), Artistic Director – Jo Parkes (Mobile Dance e.V.), Executive Producer – Kim Münster
Copyright 2017 Tanzrauschen & Mobile Dance, Duration - 6:12 min


Letters from Wuppertal / Wicked Woods

Letters from Wuppertal // Wicked Wood

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Choreography and performance play a major role in the skating arena. Children and young adults with a passion for movement inspired by the skater, scooter and blading scene, together with filmmaker Kim Münster and choreographer / dancer Paul White, created a dance film shot in the Wicked Woods skater hall, Wuppertal. This project sensitized the participants to their own individual perception and within the context of a team - Let's create a project together!

Choreography / Staging – Paul White, Filmic Realisation / Camera – Kim Münster, – Kim Münster und Paul White, Music – Achim Konrad,
1st Assistant
– Mandy Wiegand, 2nd Assistant – Alkioni Valsari, Photography – Zara Gayk

Dancers - Miclin Conrad, Jason Hackhausen, Alicia Kissing, Timo Klatt, Jannik Kück, Fritz Lenzen, Leo Parthesius, Jerome Schmidt, Frederik Post, Marcel Radensleben, Noah Silivestru, Ben Stander, Gina Weitsch

Project Management – Kerstin Hamburg (Tanzrauschen e.V.), Artistic Director – Jo Parkes (Mobile Dance e.V.), Artistic Director – Kim Münster,
Copyright 2017 - Tanzrauschen & Mobile Dance, Duration - 5:49 min


„Making-of“ von Michael Baudenbacher


Letters from Wuppertal / Kaufhaus Michel

Letters from Wuppertal // Kaufhaus Michel

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Set in one of the earliest department stores of Germany, „Kaufhaus Michel“ is an expressive black and white short dance film capturing the fantasy, glamour, and the dawn of department store culture and mass-production in the 1930's. A collaboration between choreographer / film maker Jo Parkes, cameraman / editor Sven O. Hill and twenty seven professional and non-professional dancers and members of the Wuppertal community.

Director & Choreographer – Jo Parkes, Camera & Editing – Sven O. Hill, Music - Pete Fraser

Dancers – Simone Amtmann-Kathöfer, Dagmar Beilmann, Angelika Birk, Gabi Bölke, Jutta Dollbaum, Lore Duwe, Marie Faber, Volker Fahrney, Hartmut Göhlich, Nadja Größer, Tereza Jurić, Sylvia Köker, Meggie Klassen, Wolfgang Krüger, Hildegard Krüger, Henrike Lambeck, Renate Mennicke, Ingeborg Mühlhoff, Kornelia Rosskothen, Uwe Schorn, Claudia Scheer van Erp, Caluna Scheer van Erp, Esther Sörensen, Claudia Termer Lino Tykwer, Barbara Wetekam, Paul White, Felicitas Willems

Project Management – Kerstin Hamburg & Sigurd-Christian Evers (Tanzrauschen e.V.) Artistic Director – Jo Parkes (Mobile Dance e.V.) Copyright 2015 - Jo Parkes and Sven O. Hill for Tanzrauschen, Duration - 4:22 min


Letters from Wuppertal / Schwimmoper

Letters from Wuppertal // Schwimmoper

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Students of the Else-Lasker School dance in and through the Schwimmoper – a story developing in a pool without water. The public swimming pool with its distinctive design was built in the 1960’s and is located in the heart of Elberfeld, Wuppertal where it is still used today for international competitions.

Choreography - Milton Camilo, Camera - Julia Franken, Editing - Kevin Pawel Matweew & Julia Franken, Music - Kevin Pawel Matweew, Assistance - Goa Kollewijn

Dancers -Felizitas Hinz, Sheila Marie Niehus, Alessia Palmeri, Joana Fedato Pogoda, Patricia Tusch, Annika Winkelmann, Emma Winkelmann

Project Management – Kerstin Hamburg (Tanzrauschen e.V.), Artistic Director – Jo Parkes (Mobile Dance e.V.), Executive Producer – Kim Münster
Copyright 2017 - Tanzrauschen & Mobile Dance, Duration - 6:08 min


Letters from Wuppertal / Rathaus Barmen

Letters from Wuppertal // Rathaus

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Performers of varying ages from „Letters from Wuppertal / Kaufhaus Michel“ are once again coming together to work with choreographer and filmmaker Jo Parkes and examine the unexpected encounters in life - with its possibilities and impossibilities. They question, what if? … The group chose the Barmen, Wuppertal Town Hall as their location and entertained visitors and the city administration alike whilst filming.

Dancers - Uschi Demmerle, Jutta Dollbaum, Rainer Dollbaum, Hartmut Göhlich, Sylvia Köker, Henrike Lambeck, Renate Mennicke, Kornelia Roßkothen, Caemon Scheer van Erp, Caluna Scheer van Erp, Claudia Scheer van Erp, Irene Stöber

Choreography / Direction – Jo Parkes, Camera – Ute Freund, Editing – Christiane Schniebel, Musik – Wolfgang Schmidtke & Jörg Lehnardt, Direction Assistance – Gesa Linnéa Hocke, Set Construction – Tine Dorschner & Zara Gayk

Project Management – Kerstin Hamburg (Tanzrauschen e.V.), Artistic Director – Jo Parkes (Mobile Dance e.V.), Executive Producer – Kim Münster, Caretaker City Hall Barmen - Alex Langer

Copyright 2017 - Tanzrauschen & Mobile Dance, Duration - 6:16 min



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